We Will Rock YouMy main work is in the band for the Queen musical We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre, London, and I’ve been doing that since 2002. In 10 years I’ve played over 2,400 shows to maybe in excess of 2,500,000 people. I play on average 4 or 5 shows each week – band members can put in a substitute musician (‘dep’, short for deputy – same as ‘sub’ in the US) for as many shows, or weeks, or even months, as they like, but you have to pay the fee for that shows or run of shows to the dep, so unless you have other paid work or money in the bank it gets expensive quite quickly!

SnakecharmerI’m also a member of Snakecharmer, which follows on from Company of Snakes (1999-2003) and M3 Classic Whitesnake (2003-2006), which featured ex-Whitesnake members from the early, blues-rock period, playing mostly Whitesnake songs in the style of the original version of the band. The lineup is:

We have also been writing and recording new material for an album, which we hope will be released in late 2012.




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  1. Just downloaded the album. It is fantastic. Looking forward to making the road trip to Nottingham at the end of June for the gig there. So Neil, if you want to let me ask you a ton of questions especially about the Dingwall bass (it is a Dingwall you use?) and crossing over from regular frets to fan frets I’d be one happy 50 year old bass playing dude :-). Good work by the way. The bass comes alive in the recordings and reminds me why I took up bass back in ’79 ….

    • Thanks George! Although I play a Dingwall 4-string Afterburner in the video for ‘Accident Prone’, it wasn’t delivered in time for me to use on the album. I used a Modulus Graphite Quantum 4-string on all the tracks, though I changed the pickups from EMGs to Bartolinis, and the preamp is by Audere instead of EMG. I have had an old Dingwall 5-string Prima for a few years, though I only use it on albums – it’s on the Michael Schenker Group album ‘In The Midst Of Beauty’. The fanned frets are not a problem, as I very rarely play above the 12th fret, and it feels totally comfortable down by the nut, although with the 5-string it’s quite a stretch as I think the low B is 37″. I have various different basses for different sounds and styles, and also I’m not sure if I’d take high end basses out on the road. My main live bass has been a Yamaha TRB1004 4-string in recent years (apart from in We Will Rock You where my main bass is a Precision) and I’ve just got a second-hand Yamaha TRB5 in case I need to use a 5-string with Snakecharmer.

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