I’ve played with bands and musicians such as Brian May, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Sting just to mention a few. I’ve played on dozens of albums, sales of which exceed 10 million units, and toured extensively all over Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America.

I was the bass-player in Whitesnake from the band’s beginnings in 1978 until 1986, apart from a period playing with Gary Moore in 1982-3. From small beginnings as a band formed by David Coverdale in 1977 following his success with Deep Purple and two solo albums, Whitesnake grew to be hugely popular, releasing albums such as Ready An’ Willing and Live In The Heart Of The City, and did extensive UK, European and Japanese touring.

Following my 18-month stint with Gary Moore, whom I’d previously played with in Colosseum II in the mid-70s, l returned to Whitesnake in 1984 and played tours of the UK, Europe, Japan and the US, culminating in playing in front of an audience of 350,000 at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil in 1985. There followed Whitesnake’s biggest success, the album Whitesnake (1987), which sold 8 million copies.

I was also a member of Black Sabbath for a total of 3 years in the late ’80s and mid-’90s, This involved much touring, including 3 weeks playing arenas in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. I joined the Queen guitarist in the Brian May Band in 1992/93, touring North and South America, Europe and Japan, often supporting Guns N’ Roses, promoting Brian’s album Back To The Light.

In 1996 I joined original Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green in his comeback after 25 years in the blues-based Peter Green Splinter Group. The band played many club and concert dates in the UK and Europe and recorded 2 live albums.

These days I’m a permanent member of the house band for the very successful musical We Will Rock You in the West End of London for over 10 years and 3,000+ performances. I have performed with Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor at various events such as the Queen’s Jubilee Party At The Palace in 2002 at Buckingham Palace, at Luciano Pavarotti’s annual concert in Modena, Italy and on a couple of shows with Queen & Paul Rodgers on their 2008 UK tour.

In recent years I’ve been touring and recording with M3 Classic Whitesnake and Company Of Snakes, both of which included ex-Whitesnake guitarists Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody, playing classic Whitesnake songs from their time together in that band in the late ’70s/early ’80s. Following on from those bands I’m currently a member of Snakecharmer with Micky Moody,  and currently recording original tracks for an album due in late 2012.

I’ve recorded, gigged and jammed with many other famous rock musicians over the years, including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Rodgers, Michael Schenker Group, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Glenn Hughes, Robert Palmer, Scorpions, Joe Walsh, Roger Daltrey, Phil Collins, Nicko McBrain, Paul Carrack, Gary Brooker, Jimmy Barnes, Ian Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, John Martyn, Bruford, Graham Bonnet, Randy California, Allan Holdsworth and many others.

Career history:

2002-present  We Will Rock You house band

2010-present  Snakecharmer

2003-2006 M3 Classic Whitesnake

1999-2002 Company Of Snakes

1998 Brian May Band

1996-1997 Peter Green Splinter Group

1994-1995 Black Sabbath

1994-present (intermittently) SAS Band feat. star guest singers

1992-1993 Brian May Band

1989-1990 Black Sabbath

1987-1989 Vow Wow

1984-1986 Whitesnake

1982-1983 Gary Moore

1978-1982 Whitesnake

1976-1977 National Health

1975-1976 Colosseum II

1974-1975 Cozy Powell’s Hammer

1974 Hanson

1973 Gilgamesh

Further info:

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Chronology: Band lineups



Slapp Happy and the Dum-Dums

Peter Blegvad (gtr, vcls), Anthony Moore (gtr, bass), NM (drs)




Alan Gowen (kbds), Phil Lee (gtr), Mike Travis (drs)




Junior Hanson (gtr, vcls), Brother James (perc), Glen Le Fleur (drs – replaced by Conrad Isidore for US club tour)



Colosseum II

Gary Moore (gtr), Mike Starrs (vcls), Don Airey (kbds), Jon Hiseman (drs)



National Health

Dave Stewart (kbds), Alan Gowen (kbds), Phil Miller (gtr), Bill Bruford (drs – replaced by Pip Pyle), Amanda Parsons (vcls)




David Coverdale (vcls), Bernie Marsden (gtr), Micky Moody (gtr), Brian Johnson (kbds – replaced by Pete Solley – replaced by Jon Lord), Dave ‘Duck’ Dowle (drs – replaced by Ian Paice)



Gary Moore

Gary Moore (gtr, vcls), Charlie Huhn (vcls – replaced by John Sloman), Tommy Eyre (kbds – replaced by Don Airey), Ian Paice (drs)




David Coverdale (vcls), Mel Galley (gtr – early 1984 only), John Sykes (gtr), Jon Lord (kbds – replaced by Richard Bailey), Cozy Powell (drs – replaced by Aynsley Dunbar)




Bernie Marsden (gtr,vcls), Mel Galley (gtr, vcls), John Marter (drs), Bobby Kimball/Rob Cass/John Saxon  (vcls)



Vow Wow

Genki Hitomi (vcls), Kyoji Yamamoto (gtr), Rei Atsumi (kbds), Toshi Niimi (drs)



Black Sabbath

Tony Iommi (gtr), Tony Martin (vcls), Cozy Powell (drs), Geoff Nicholls (kbds)



Brian May Band

Brian May (gtr, vcls), Cozy Powell (drs), Spike Edney (kbds), Mike Casswell (gtr – replaced by Jamie Moses), Chris Thomson/Miriam Stockley/Maggie Ryder (BVs – 1992), Shelley Preston/Catherine Porter (BVs – 1993)



Black Sabbath

Tony Iommi (gtr), Tony Martin (vcls), Cozy Powell (drs – replaced by Bobby Rondinelli), Geoff Nicholls (kbds)



Peter Green Splinter Group

Peter Green (gtr,vcls), Nigel Watson (gtr, vcls), Spike Edney (kbds – replaced by Micky Simmonds/Roger Cotton), Cozy Powell (drs – replaced by John Trotter/Larry Tolfree)



Brian May Band

Brian May (gtr, vcls), Eric Singer (drs), Spike Edney (kbds), Jamie Moses (gtr), Susie Webb/Zoe Nicolas (BVs)



Company Of Snakes

Bernie Marsden (gtr), Micky Moody (gtr), Robert Hart (vcls – replaced by Gary Barden/Stefan Berggren), Don Airey (kbds), John Lingwood (drs)


2002 onwards

We Will Rock You house band

Laurie Wisefield (gtr), Alan Darby (gtr), Spike Edney (kbds), Tony Bourke (drs), Mike Dixon (MD, kbds – replaced by Elliott Ware then Stuart Morley), Jeff Leach (kbds – replaced by Andy Read), Andy Smith (kbds – replaced by Neil Drinkwater), Julian Poole (perc – replaced by Gareth Roberts)



M3 Classic Whitesnake

Bernie Marsden (gtr), Micky Moody (gtr), Tony Martin (vcls – replaced by Stefan Berggren), Mark Stanway (kbds), Jimmy Copley (drs)



Monsters of British Rock

Micky Moody (gtr), Laurie Wisefield (gtr), Chris Ousey (vcls), Harry James (drs), Michael Bramwell (kbds)


2011 onwards


Micky Moody (gtr), Laurie Wisefield (gtr), Chris Ousey (vcls), Harry James (drs), Adam Wakeman (kbds)

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